Company Profile

LKD Group was established in Amman, Jordan in the year 1998 by the chairman and founder of the group, Mr. Levon K. DerSarkissian, following a vision of bringing the world’s educational resources and technologies to be an integral part of the educational system of the country of Jordan and the region. Since then, the group has managed to ascertain its position, as a provider for the educational ...

Our Companies

LKD Institute

. LKDi’s Academic Training Programs

LKDi has managed to offer the most competitive academic training programs...

. LKDi’s Educational Recruiting Services

LKDi has established cooperative relations with several universities in Jordan where...

. LKDi’s Academic Consultation Program

With the emergence of diverse international academic programs, the surfacing needs ...

LKD Technologies

LKD Technologies is a software development and IT solution provider. We provide customized solutions for the educational market especially K-12 schools. Our solutions include the following:

1- School Management System:

a- Schools' Registration
b- Accounting System
c- Grading and Reporting
d- Attendance
e- MoE Reports

LKD Educational Resources

LKD Educational Resources was established in 1998 as a magazine subscription company. And in 1999 the company has grown to cover a wide range of products that includes:

1- Schools' Textbooks
2- Trade Books for Adults and Children
3- Library Books
4- Schools' Supplies
5- Schools' Equipment

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